Geisha and Ichimatsu No Tie

  • $85.00

This is reversible. One side is "Geisha Girls". Geisha girls (and boys) entertained those drinking. In most cases, sexual favors were not part of the culture. Geisha had great pride as performers; playing instruments and performing dances. The other side is "Ichimatsu". Ichimatsu moyou is fabric pattern that looks like checkers. Although the fabric pattern was used from 3-7th century in Japan for clothing of terra-cotta clay doll, it became popular when Ichikawa Sanogawa, a 18th-century kabuki actor, used a clothing with this 2 colored square pattern in his performance. (That's why this fabric pattern is called "Ichimatsu.") It is hard to tell the texture of this tie just by this picture, but cool weaving is going on. Please magnify the picture and look the details.